Thursday, 31 March 2011

Alexander McQueen SS09

blah. i love these designs, and the fact daul kim was a model for them makes it even better.. but eh.. i hate doing artist research, because it just makes me feel sooo unoriginal! i always find stuff after i've done some designs then i'm like.. oh.. that looks exactly like mine! great!

some old work

drawings/photos/prints from 2006-2011

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

just playing again

this is a scan of some of my rippled paper i really like the shapes and colours within it, it would probably be interesting to draw the creases to create patterns

so i've played with a couple in photoshop and i don't really like them that much, they're okay but they aren't really the effect i wanted. i'm gonna try draw some of the creases and create hand drawn patterns instead of digital ones.

i prefer this pattern to the others, the only thing that lets it down is the white background, it ruins the design. i like how its more about shapes than the actual creases.

Monday, 28 March 2011

a fashion post

so this has absolutely nothing to do with my work, but it's something i'm interested in so there ya go. i've blogged about the girl group 2NE1 before and i have to do a new post right now cos they just keep wearing clothes that i absolutely adore. i mean.. ahh i can't believe it!

they've done a shoot and interview recently for nylon japan, an awesome fashion magazine.. and well they're wearing prada. aigoo i love prada! and i love 2NE1 dfnjasdkfskj is what it makes me do pretty much.

and look.. she has jil sander on!! 

whoever styled this shoot, i want your job. another thing 2NE1 have been promoting recently is the originals range by adidas. i love adidas. i love adidas originals, all thanks to jeremy scott. i guess there's nothing these girls can do wrong!

it's quite funny because i actually own that rainbow dress thingy that minzy is wearing (the one with short black hair) it's a really nice top.. maybe i'll have to get those leggings to go with it...

Sunday, 27 March 2011


i've been creating textured surfaces that resemble waves by using ink then scrunching the paper whilst it's still wet. when i press the scrunched paper onto plain paper using an iron/heat press it makes delicate patterns that also resemble waves and ripples. above are some of the pressings that i've scanned into photoshop then mirrored. i like how they work but i'm not sure if i want to do more mirrored and repeated things.