Friday, 21 January 2011

sooooo! yesterday I said I was gonna look at money.. but I think I'll leave that one for now.. as getting hold of foreign banknotes.. is well, pretty expensive! (no pun intended). So as of now I'm gonna look at flowers again. But not the dahlia. No. definitely not the dahlia. instead I'm looking at this flower!

I have absolutely no idea what the hell this flower is called, but my dad probably knows as he did grow it! I just really love the patterns inside, and how the petals are arranged, the colours and just everything about it! I guess the dahlia is no longer my favourite flower! I think using this flower I'd be able to do some really, really bright wonderful prints! exactly what I was hoping to do! When I did some illustrations of this flower using the computer, I found that when repeated it looked alot like animal print! so that's a possible avenue to go down!
ahhhhhhhh creativity has finally returned!! (lol)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

So one of my more recent favourite designers is Jeremy Scott! I really like how quirky all of his designs are, especially the sneakers he does for adidas! This has probably got something to do with the fact that I absolutely adore sneakers.. but hey! they're all so cute T_T

I would love the pink ones! I'd probably never wear them.. but that doesn't matter!!

and the last one, a little more comical.. I guess that's partially why I love his designs so much!

It's looking a bit.. bare here.. so I'm gonna do another post for the sake of posting!
I'll try do at least one a day from this point.. huhu.. anyway! Recently I've gotten into very bright fashion.. not something I really liked before.. colours used to equal a huge nono! But thanks to Jeremy Scott, I now love bold, brash and bright. 

I also really, really loved Jil Sander's latest collection, it was full of beautiful digital prints of flowers and almost every colour under the sun! It was simply immense. I love colour sooo much now, I only ever used to buy black clothes, but now I hardly own anything black.. I just think it's so drab and depressing. I suppose it does go with everything though!

Soooooooooooo! Here I have myself a wonderful new SHINee shiny blog! (ohohoho)
I shall use this wonderful little thing (if i remember) to post up some of my work and reflect, evaluate... blahblahblah

I haven't even started my current project yet, as I've been off with swine flu (IDK, it's what the NHS helpline lady said!!) but I kinda know the gist of what I have to do, so I was gonna look at designing prints inspired by money! I saw some really cool Jeremy Scott stuff recently and it just has dollar bills printed all over it.. I loved it! The picture isn't what i was talking about.. but I couldn't find the correct one.. TT
Jeremy Scott, FALL 2009 RTW

 My project won't be as literal as to just print dollar bills or won notes or whatever currency all over, I'd like to carefully consider colour and maybe take small details from the coins and notes rather than just the whole thing. I'd like to look at some old coins too, the whole history side totally interests me!

Oh, one more thing.. the name 'pilsook' it's a Korean name that I think is pretty cute! I heard it on the KDrama, 'Dream High'.