Saturday, 5 February 2011


eh, I decided the name 'pilsook' had absolutely no relevance to my blog/work/name.. etc... whatsoever so I've changed it to 'kaffachino' this is just a nickname I've had for a while, and it's also the name of my accounts on many other places.. such as tumblr.. pilsook is just.. weird haha! so yes. now kaffachino!

I guess I should rename my blog to something like.. 'KATHERINE'S SHOE BLOG!!' haha too many shoe posts.. and guess what, this is another! so today I'm blogging about a pair of wedges. I love them. Like TOTALLY love them. I don't own a single pair of them but that doesn't mean I can't love them! this pair is from topshop! I love topshop shoes.. unfortunately.. I have troll feet (yeah.. I go on about this alot..) so a topshop size 8 doesn't even fit me.. I'm gonna stop moaning now and just get onto the shoes!

these shoes are called the "WINNIE T-BAR ESPADRILLES" they retail at £65 and come in various beautiful colours! my favourite is green

they're pretty high - that's something I like though! they're 100% suede too.. I love suede shoes! but I hate when you accidentally stand in a puddle or something.. talk about a shoe ruiner! the green is probably my favourite because I really adore the colour green and the other two colours they come in aren't as versatile. a weird shade of camel and a strange reddish/orange tone.. I can't imagine either colour going with much, unless you had a specific outfit that desperately needed camel shoes... I can imagine them with anything from a maxi dress, to skinny jeans or even just some lovely denim shorts! they could do nightwear and daywear! ah, the perfect shoe I guess!!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

so I've found out who 2NE1's stylists are, turns out they were both good friends of the late Daul Kim ! turns out they're both graduates of english unis! ahh how interesting. the first is named Yang Seungho, he's a graduate of Central Saint Martins, a uni I wish I could have gone to. I though I recognised him from daul's blog when I saw a picture of him with 2NE1 a while ago. their other stylist is Lee Hyunjung, he's a graduate of Chelsea College of art. they're two pretty interesting guys, and I wouldn't mind meeting them myself to find out some of their styling secrets!

here's a link to an interview I found with them!

on another note, these shoes..

these are some beautiful shoes by Tsumori Chisato. I totally adore them. if I was like 5" tall I would probably wear heels 24/7! dara (from 2NE1) wears these beauties in a CF for cosmetic brand 'ETUDE' heres a picture of her with them on!

I also love these wedges she has by Alexander Wang look at them.. they're beautiful!

I'm not 100% sure why I love them so much.. I guess it's just because they look so nice with such an understated outfit!

Monday, 31 January 2011

another collage here! although, this will be my last until I can find somewhere else that sells fluorescent card! gaaaaaah! I can't believe that no one in Norwich sells A4 fluorescent card, it's just weird haha! to make matters worse I kept going wrong whilst making this collage.. I guess something's trying to tell me not to do collage.. 

it's not an exact mirror because this was just an experiment, I'll leave the proper mirror repeats to the computer! I really like the effect! even though I did have to paint on the yellow so it's not really that fluorescent! hopefully I'll be able to buy neon yellow card somewhere tomorrow! otherwise that means no more collages u_u

Sunday, 30 January 2011

so I know this is really geeky, but I absolutely adore these things.. the shoes are totally just like wow. too bad they're for men u_u adidas always seems to do really cool stuff for men and not women! boooo.

and this hat, I've always loved new era caps.. but have always been too cheap to buy one haha! this cap has a stormtrooper on it... and its like $90.. waayy to expensive for me! but it's still ok to look at, haha!