Friday, 28 January 2011

so I've now been doing some collage.. aish it's so time consuming.. but I love the finished product! I can really see my influences/design references coming through strong! I really really REALLY love the neon colours.. it looks so much better than the dull inks and water colours. wow! it just pops so brightly and it's amazingly graphic. I loveeee it!

so incase you didn't realise, it's a close up of one of my flowers (the photo next to it infact!) I used layout paper to trace a pencil drawing of the basic outline, then traced shapes onto the back of this lovely neon card.. et voila! a mad collage... just incase you can't tell it's a flower.. I've attempted to draw the outlines in on photoshop

it doesn't really illustrate it that much better I guess, which is why I was thinking of maybe getting some A3 acetate, tracing the outline and laying it on top. I'm not sure if a thick dark line on the edge ruins it though!

another shoe post

so if you haven't realised by now, I have an enormous obsession with shoes. especially sneakers and punk-ish shoes. a few posts back I talked about a group called 2NE1, I really really adore these girls and everything about their fashion/music.. in the video for 'FOLLOW ME' they wear some amazing shoes.. I've always wanted some but I'm 5'10" so a little tall to wear them 'cos they'd make me like.. 6" plus.. I don't really wanna be that tall! anyway. the shoes.

they're wearing creepers. I've always LOVED creepers. like I adore them sooooo much (haha) but alas, I have the gift of height and enormous feet. so I'd just look like a troll or something with them on. canoes for feet or something along those lines.. anyway.. the shoes are by a japanese brand called 'YOSUKE' and I think they're beautiful. I know shoes like this are definitely a matter of taste, and I'm sure alot of people would call these shoes ugly.. but eh, I guess most people would find my shoe collection pretty terrible too!

they come in black and white, and to be honest.. I really don't know which I prefer... I guess I'd have to buy both pairs!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

my first design reference, prada. I really, really, realllyyyyyyyy loved this collection sosososo much! I can't explain. admittedly I do love most of pradas collections but this one was just so amazing. it was bright, colourful, interesting, just everything. I adore the bananas everywhere! It's sort of insane. the bright colours are a real influence for me because over the years I've become more and more inclined towards bright colours. this is pretty strange for me because everything I used to design would be either black, navy or purple. never any brightness. never any fluorescents, everything pretty gothic, drab and boring. I guess thats why I enjoy using bright colours so much now. it's pretty refreshing! but yes anyway, this collection was just so different and interesting compared to most of the other runways it just stood out for me. I usually only like milan and paris fashion weeks because they're the most interesting, and once again they really stood out.

so this is the first drawing I did for this project, I've done a few by hand since, but I've only just completed this one. I really like mirroring effects and I think it works especially well with this project because of the patterns within the flower, they're all so delicate and interesting. they look like they've been made to repeat and mirror. I've done one mirrored drawing in my sketchbook and it's definitely my favourite out of all the drawings I've done so far. I also really, really love the bright colours I've used, I don't think these are very fashion friendly though! I might have to tone these down for final designs. 

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

another shoe post! hurray! these pairs are both mine, and they're two of my most favourite pairs! I do own alot of shoes, but this is entirely by accident, I assure you...

my green dr martens! I love the, despite the funny looks I get when I wear them.. and all the pain I've gotten wearing them in. My advice: if you ever get a pair of these.. do not wear them unless you have a spare pair of shoes with you.. otherwise.. expect alot of pain.

I got these from debenhams and they're from the H! Henry Holland range! I've always loved Henry Holland's catwalk stuff, so when I found out that debenhams were running a range by him.. I had to check it out. I really love these shoes.. but again, they have a problem.. when I first wore them they absolutely killed, like.. I can't explain how bad.. maybe not as bad as the DM's but it was bad! they also 'clip-clop' really loud when I wear them.. something I don't really like! looking at these two pairs together.. I guess I must have a thing for patent shoes.. huhu

So I said yesterday 'I love sneakers' and well, I thought I may as well post a few pairs that are currently on my wish list!!

these are too cute! the bow is detachable too, they're like minnie mouse sneakers!

I know alot of people think these are absolutely vile, but.. I kinda love them.. no idea what I'd wear them with though!

another adidas pair.. I don't know.. I just love them so much!

this pair is by John Galliano, I've never really been a fan of his fashion, but I love studded sneakers (I dunno..) and these are just beautiful!

the tassles... they're too cute o_o

these... I guess it's the stud thing again.. haha!

Louis Vuitton (one of my most favourite design houses.. ever...) sneakers.. so.. nice.. and obviously I could go on forever.. but i think I've listed enough pairs for now.. I guess the bill for all of those shoes would probably be more than £700... hey.. a girl can dream.. 

Monday, 24 January 2011

one of my major fashion inspirations is the korean girl group 2NE1, who ever styles them is super creative! this is a picture from their most recent music video, I love how unique everything they wear is, and how they're always wearing sneakers! (incase you didn't know, I love sneakers)

I really, really love the rocket scarf that minzy is wearing, apparently its by Walter Van Beirendonck and its from his Fall/Winter 2010-2011 collection!

'Take-A-Ride Rocket Accessory by Walter Van Beirendonck'

I can't believe how cute it is! aigoo! Here are a couple of their music videos, the fashion is totally awesome again!



I would love one of their coats from the 'go away' video, they're all soooo nice! I bet they're all tailor made just for them!
yay! I found out what the name of the flower is, its 'Tigridia' apparently there's a butterfly with the same name! ooohhh... I found that it's also sometimes called the shell flower, I don't know why.. but I just think that 'shell flower' seems like an odd name for it, considering I think it looks nothing like a shell, but ah well! More information on the flower here!

So I attempted to draw one of these flowers, aish! not easy. I think from now I'm gonna concentrate on taking small sections and drawing them larger, making my drawings more ~abstract~ I think I'll get some more interesting designs this way! I've also been working with inks on layout paper and newsprint, I adore the way it makes the paper or crinkled and wrinkled, it makes it alot more interesting than just flat white perfect paper!