Saturday, 12 February 2011


today I did some tie-dye.. rather enjoyed it.. apart from the fact I now have pink hands ~.~ ahh well! It links well with the painting from my last post, and I really love the colours!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

no more collage...

who would have ever thought collage could be so so annoying! it's all I've been doing for a few days now and today I realised none of my design research relates to my drawings, so I've expanded on an earlier drawing and completely left collage behind. I decided to stop doing collage because earlier I was doing some digital collage.. and it just looked terrible..

I don't like the white lines, the colours, anything. so instead I've gone back to using the method of 'water-pens' its this paintbrush that has a tube of water on the end.. very useful!

this painting is inspired by Jil Sander's 2011 s/s collection. I drew on layout paper with felt tip pens then used the water pen to transfer it onto a page in my sketchbook. I adore the colours.. they look so much nicer than the fluorescents! I think this flower would look amazing in a repeat pattern!

Monday, 7 February 2011

my final upload for the day. I really like this one, I think it would be interesting to create a print where this is sort of like the main focal point surrounded by other small tigridia flowers. or possibly just a huge single print of this flower. I'd like to try draft some designs up using hand rather than just using photoshop. 

(I just noticed.. it kinda looks like a smiling face.. huhu)

another one..

and two seconds later I find out how to add multiple colours! I really like it o_o

other photoshop

I've done these by taking one of my drawings and.. messing around alot on photoshop..

this is the original drawing, done with watercolour pencils and a strange paintbrush with water inside....

I do really like these, but I prefer the single mirror to the repeat, it just gets a little too much! this design was inspired by this scan of a Jil Sander dress, I need to work on mine a little more to make it multi-coloured like this piece. I wanted my piece to have the shaded effect that this dress does. I'm kind of torn between the bright powerful prints and the more refined graduated stuff!

so today I've been playing with photoshop.. and I don't really like the outcomes! I can't get the bright popping colour, the nice round edges.. or just any of it. photoshop seems to make it look boring and uninteresting. so I guess digital print might not be the right route? I thought it would be the best way to create the fluorescent colours.. but obviously not! 

I guess the colours are bright, but it just seems too far removed from the original design. I think maybe I repeated it too many times? that could possibly be something that takes away from it. I hate the oval shapes in the centre, they just look odd and.. blegh! haha. I also had to change the orange to red because I couldn't get the right shade of orange.. it just all seemed like a 'carrot' orange instead of bright and fluorescent. I didn't like it one bit. I guess I better carry on experimenting with this stuff.. maybe using my drawings to create repeat patterns from instead. and just mirror once. I think i need to do some more drawings using different methods. stencilling would probably be a good method as I'd be able to buy bright spray paints and get the lovely brights I'm after. I guess it's just taking it through to fabric that's the hard part!
these are some variants I've done using different filters, they look cool, but again, I'm not sure.